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Imagine that we could review the 4.6 billion years of earth’s history in about 24 hours. At this scale of time pace, we would be able to observe the intern dynamic of the earth, moved by convection currents of the thermal motor at the center of our earth. We would be witnessing the separation of continents and the formation of the map that we recognize today. Continents would collide so violently that mountains would form and rise at thousands of meters. Based on this scale, it

Based on this scale, it would take more than 21 hours to assist at the diversification of life on earth, before reaching the formidable “radiation” of the living Cambrian, almost 542 million years ago.

The meaninglessness of human existence takes full measure when we realize that the first Homo sapiens appeared only 2 seconds before the 24th hour! 

These first hominids lived In Africa about 130 000 years ago.

This website will send you on a discovery trip of our planet. We will traverse oceans, continents and pass through some of the most impressive places in the world!

Nature is a living world of color and forms. A shining sunrise or the sudden apparition of a beautiful rainbow leads us almost every time to question about such astonishing shows. The changing form of vapor clouds pushed by winds leads us frequently to recognize images of things that we know, but in reality, they do not exist. Nature’s diversity seems infinite, like these shining stars in the sky.

How nature fits in our modern world? In general rule, we rarely beware of  nature gifts. All along it’s geological history, the nature suprised us by the violence of it’s manifestation. Certain clues suggest that dinosaure extinction, 65 million years ago was the result of a meteorit impact in the peninsula of Ycatan in Mexico.


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